Real Life History of Chairman

"A successful life guided by dead and courage".

A successful life is only gained after hard-work, courage and aim to strive for the goal. One doesn't easily get success by laying back and relaxing. Success doesn't easily come to us, we need to run after it giving our best to achieve it. 

His life was no fairy tale! He was someone like us. Luckily for him, he was able to gain education till the sixth grade in his motherland. His hard-work, will-power and his effort did pave way for his success. He struggled but didn't give up. Finally his work did pay off and thus, he became the chairman of a reputed manpower company. He is none other than Mr. D. B. Dhital Chhetri.

Born in 1958 A.D. on the lap of Himalayas, Mr. Dhital did have to struggle a lot for his studies and survival because his father passed away when he was 14. This made him leave Nepal. He did get his qualification up to bachelors' level in the field of commerce. During 1980 A.D. he started a job in Recruitment Company and worked there for 22years of his life. As a result he got the chance to serve as coronation in charge in a project in Gulf countries and collected many ideas as recliner, pipeline cleaner and other. Whatever he earned, he looked after his family with it, accordingly. He was loved dearly by his family.

After all these years, he wanted to return back to Nepal to live with his family and start a business together. He decided to open a pashmina factory, the factory did flourish for six month or so but later it knocked down all around the country. Now, there were no alternatives with him rather than joining the same line of recruiting company. He registered and got the company's license at 2000 A.D., thinking about the benefit, that the country can get remittance; he started to send recruits, especially the poor, rural helpless and marginalized people to different countries. Within the period of 4-5years, he had succeeded in supplying more than 3000 people for the job, in different countries. It is now, very reliable company to supply human resources from Nepal.

He is providing service very successfully as a Chairman of the company. His experience in this field of manpower helps him work efficiently in his business both nationally and internationally. His hobby relies in social service, thus, he considers this business as a social service as he helps the helpless, marginalized and exports people as manpower with more reliable and transparent way.

Some of the recruitment companies are imposing a large sum as the service charge and people entangled in it since, they are not getting any better alternative.